Print Labels & Invoices





















Printing Labels

There are several label types you can print

















Avery Labels

Print Avery Label









Print Avery from Invoice Screen

To send address to Avery Label queue from the Invoice Screen click the down arrow on the Print Label button and select Avery Label

The address is now queued. When you are ready to print open the Printer Queue window to print queued labels.




















Print Avery from Main Spreadsheet

To send address to Avery Label Queue from the Main spreadsheet select items to print label for and from the File Menu select Print - Avery Label for Selected items

The address is now queued. When you are ready to print open the Printer Queue window to print queued labels.








Print Queued Labels

How to print queued labels

AS will remember the position of the last avery label printed.


















Avery Types Supported

AS supports 4 avery label types

Select the type of avery Label you are using in File - Setup - Label-Printer Preference

The 5167 will not print the return address

The 5163 will also print your invoice logo

Be sure and setup your label printer since printing avery labels require precision


















Add buyer's address to addressbook queue

When this option is chosen from the invoice screen the address is written to a queue. The purpose of this queue is so you can later write the queued addresses to a CSV file which can then be imported into the free software provided by USPS for printing labels "USPS Shipping Assistant"

Be sure the address is formatted properly or you will receive an error message "Cannot Parse this address.."


When you are ready to print labels from the queue write the addressbook.csv file












Write Addressbook.csv

To write the addressbook queue










Priority Mail Label

This is for printing on the label stock that the USPS provides for free. This is not the priority mail label with free D/C but just the plain label. You can choose to queue this label printing or not queue it in File - Setup - Printer Label Setup

Feed a label into your printer and from the Invoice screen drop down the arrow next to the Print Label button and select "Priority Mail Label"

The first time you print this type of label the Priority Mail/Custom Label setup screen will appear. Here you can adjust the coordinates where the return address and destination address are printed. You can also set the font name, font size, bold and italic options for bother return and destination address. Experiment with the adjustments using plain paper and then lining the plain paper up with a label to see if the printing is just right. Use the "Print Test Label" button to print a test label. When the settings are correct click the Save Settings button.


You can go back and change these settings by going to File - Setup - Printer-Label Setup and clicking the button for "Priority Label Setup"














Print Invoices













Printing an Invoice From the Invoice Screen

If you are queueing your invoices it will be sent to the printer queue for printing later













Printing an Invoice from the Main Spreadsheet
















Printing Invoices from the Printer Queue


If you haven't setup your Invoice Preferences be sure and do so















Printer Setup


  1. AS prints invoices to whatever the default printer on your system is
  2. AS prints labels to whatever printer you choose in Printer Setup
  3. Label Printing (particularly for avery labels) requires your printer be fine tuned for precise printing


Fine Adjustment of your Printer

Select Avery Label Type:




Priority Mail Label with Free Delivery Confirmation

This label prints on a full sheet of paper to your default printer and prints the Priority Mail label with free delivery confirmation from the USPS website.


Be sure the buyer's address is formatted properly or you will get an error "cannot parse this address"

There are 3 Preferences which you can set in File - Setup - Priority Mail Web Label Preferences












Using the addressbook.csv file in USPS Shipping Assistant


Shipping Assistant lets you not only print the Priority Mail Label with Free Delivery confirmation but also a media mail label, first class mail label, parcel post label, and others with a 13cent delivery confirmation.