I have had more than one user contact me saying their data isnt right after updating. This is due to one of two reasons:

  1. You didn't close AuctionSage after updating and set it to run as administrator

  2. You did set it to run as administrator but you weren't previously running as administrator and so your data isn't current


If running AuctionSage not as administrator brings back your normal data this means you haven't been running AuctionSage as administrator and so your data is hidden away in a "virtual store folder" by Windows. If you aren't running as administrator there will be problems and one of them is when you back up the AuctionSage folder you aren't backing up your data! Your data is being stored by Windows in a "virtual store folder". Also when you create reports you wont find the report file and when AuctionSage launches your browser to display an HTML report it wont be able to find it. You need to run as adminstrator.

Instructions on copying the data from your Virtual Store folder to the normal location. Only do this if your data is not right when running as administrator but is right when you don't run as adminstrator: