eBay Category Data

There are 2 self-extracting zip files with 2 different default unzip locations to make it easier for you to update categories.The only difference between the two is the default unzip location. The files must be unzipped to your AuctionSage\Post\Config folder

First determine where your AuctionSage is installed. On older Windows versions the standard was C:\Program Files\Auctionsage. If that is where your AuctionSage is located Click Here to Download the self-extracting zip file which unzips to that location.

If your AuctionSage is installed to C:\Program Files (x86)\AuctionSage then Click Here to Download the one which unzips to that location

If your AuctionSage is installed anywhere else download either of the above files and then on the self-extractor screen, as shown below, click the Browse Button and Locate the Auctionsage\Post\Config folder and then click Unzip.

After downloading the self-extracting zip file "ebaycategories.exe" or "win7ebaycategories.exe", open it and you will see the screen below

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