Hello John,

Thank you for advertising with Google AdWords. After reviewing your
account, I have found that one or more of your ads or keywords does not
meet our guidelines. The results are outlined in the report below.

Campaign: 'Campaign #1,' Ad Group: 'Ad Group #1'

KEYWORD(S): ebay selling, ebay listing software, ebay sell manager,
reliable ebay management software, reliable ebay software, ebay selling
manager, combining multiple ebay items, ebay software, ebay power
seller, shareware software ebay, powerful ebay software, reliable
software for ebay, powerful ebay solutions, the best ebay software,
ebay management software

Action taken: Disapproved
Issue(s): Keyword Trademark Term

Please read below for definitions of the issues we found:

Keyword Trademark Term: Due to trademark complaints, we do not allow
advertisers to use certain trademarked terms as keywords for their
Google AdWords campaigns.


If a keyword has been disabled, your ad(s) will no longer be displayed
for searches on this keyword.

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and then save your changes to automatically resubmit the ad for review.
We're confident that these changes will improve your ad performance and
increase your return on investment.

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investment. All ads are reviewed by AdWords Specialists to ensure that
our advertisers create successful, high-impact advertising in keeping
with our program’s Editorial Guidelines.

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